After Connecticut local favorites Juan es the Thief disbanded in 2009, Nate Oakes, Peter Bassett and Nate Manware all doubted that they would play music as a collective ever again. Manware moved to Boston in pursuit of a music degree at Berklee College of music, while Oakes and Bassett moved down to North Carolina escaping the hustle of New England. After playing in numerous bands apart from one another, the trio found that nothing could replace the musical bond they had together. Fate or whim, Manware moved to North Carolina and Humon was formed in early 2012. Blending elements of pop, jazz, funk, rock, classical, and dance music, they have created a unique and engaging new sound. Coupling energetic live shows with phenomenal pop sensibility in their songwriting, there is no limit to the spine tingles Humon will induce.



You can expect to see Humon a little after it gets dark. Good times.

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