The Odds



February 2014:  Pat Brown got a Roland JX 305 and started sequencing song ideas that had been rattling around in his head for a year.  Ben Russell, Pats longtime friend and partner in sound, joined to accompany  electronic synth pop backdrops and guitar/vocals of Brown with his visceral live drumming.  New Order, Human League and Prince factored heavily into this aesthetic choice.  The result of these compositions, collaboration and sound search  was The Odds.  The Odds combines tight funky Telecaster driven rhythm with swirly Pete Townshend arena strums via Brown, a long time electronic musician originally from Durham, now living in Greensboro, with Russells  fluttering eclectic drum stylings that draw on everything from Bonham to Bhangra.  Brown sings, manages the SP-404 sequenced bass and synth parts, while manipulating vocal effects live to generate vocal harmony and pitch effects.

The result is emotionally charged, melodic and cool pop music you want to dance to.



You can catch The Odds at 5pm.

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