Website: http: thrillcitync.com

Thrill City wasn’t started because the world needed more t-shirts, sweatshirts, hats or stickers. It wasn’t started because we saw it as an exciting financial opportunity, or because we wanted to be the “cool kids” with a clothing brand. It was started because creation is contagious.


It was started because we were taught that if you don’t like the way your world looks, you should re-shape it. Because a design on a shirt can mean a lot more than ink on some fabric. For us, art is the vehicle through which ideas, entertainment, and ultimately change, is communicated.


Our name, Thrill City, comes from the small college town where our company was born in 2011, but it stands for much more than that — we’ve come a long way since dorm rooms and campus sales. Our name represents a confluence of people and cultures, an effort to bring people together in our imagined community while honoring the diversity of experience that constitutes our city — from the streets of Brixton to the suburbs of Chapel Hill. Today, we work tirelessly to cultivate a brand that can grow with us as we ourselves continue to grow, one that makes us proud and keeps our neighbors inspired.


We haven’t changed the world, but our journey is only just beginning.